Standard Alloway Sugar Beet Equipment



Designed to produce the cleanest beets in the business, the Alloway defoliator has become the workhorse for beet growers across America. They are proven performers in every growing region and in all soil conditions.

Standard Equipment Advantages

  • Belt Driven from both sides of machine with smooth spring loaded operating idlers for easy adjustment and long belt wear; adds power, reliability and low cost maintenance.
  • Choice of Flails including rubber (reversible), steel L-knife and steel Cup-knife to match various harvesting conditions. Using appropriate flails yields finer shred which enables smoother harvesting.
  • Heavy Duty Front Hitch provides durability and supports the main frame.
  • Flail Tubes with triple lip sealed bearings have replaceable drive shafts for fast in-field replacement without welding.
  • Industry Leader throughout North America adds exceptional re-sale value.




Harvester Overview

The Alloway Standard Harvester has a lot of the same great features it had in the past, such as its exclusive curved parabolic elevator which eliminates troublesome spring tension arms and results in less beet damage and losses. The grab rolls, paddle shafts and new chain bed utilize dual drive technology which reduces stress on support bearings and fatigue on the entire machine. However, we have added more features such as a 40" long shock cushioned supported chain bed to separate unwanted material; higher clearance front digger struts for exceptional view for the operator and less trash build up; eight independent cushioned adjustable grab rolls; large six ton tank option; larger rear wheels; hinged front barrier brackets that let material in not out; high clearance folding truck boom with belted chain; extra heavy duty hitch and the machines overall design is very open to allow for accessibility for service and unsurpassed visibility.



Row Crop Cultivators


Alloway Row Crop Cultivators are the leaders when it comes to precision cultivation. Every model is designed to be user friendly, economical and productive. We offer a variety of models for all types of crops ranging from beans, beets, corn and more. Available in 4 to 36 rows with flat fold, vertical-fold, or straight tool bars.

Standard Equipment Advantages

  • Heavy Duty Oilite Bushings in every pivot point provides years of maintenance free service with no lubrication required.
  • Tool Bars are constructed of heavy duty 7" x 7" x ¼" square tubing and can be ordered with Alloway’s patented 180 degree flat-fold system 180 degree flat fold reinforced double bar, rigid or top reinforced rigid.
  • Mechanical Guidance System increase precision and cuts cultivation time.
  • Marked Vertical Shanks adjust vertically and are linear marked with ½" and 1" measurements stamped into the metal, allows precision adjustments and depth control without a tape measure.
  • Gauge Wheels are 4" standard or optional 6" wide for increased floatation (12" or 16" dia).
  • Parallel Linkage for solid wide stance eliminating twisting from side to side. This ensures greater strength and control (double H parallel on high residue model).





From the originator of the Tri-Lateral Hood design and spiral mounted flail tubes, the Alloway Shredder has always been #1 in performance and durability. Alloway is back in the business of manufacturing a top quality shredder line with a new heavier body, larger aluminum gearbox, 10” flail tubes, larger tires and 1000/1500 rpm rotor speed, we can keep up to the extra tough crops grown today.

Standard Equipment Features

  • Heavy Duty Tri-Lateral Steel Body is ¼" thick for extra strength, extended wear and quadruple shredding action.
  • Rear Struts with screw jacks (optional hydraulic) allow for easy leveling and height adjustment.
  • Centrally Mounted Gear Box eliminates extra belts, bearings, u-joints etc.
  • Rugged Large Tires for longer wear and bearing life.
  • Floating 3-Point Hitch provides smoother action, reduces hitch stress and pressure.
  • Skid Plate helps prevent machine from bottoming out and keeps rotor and knifes out of the dirt.
  • Large 10" Seamless Steel Flail Tube is dynamically balanced for smooth operation and have replaceable end shafts.
  • 2 3/16" Diameter Flail Tube Shafts and Bearings are double sealed for improved load capacity and bearing life.
  • Spiral Mounted Flails were originally designed by Alloway for reduced pulsing and smoother operation.
  • Heavy Duty Gear Box with extended housing for extra bearing support and larger oil capacity for cooler operation
  • Safety Light Kit is standard on all units and customized to each machine for added safety.
  • Structural Steel Tube Cross Bracing for added support and stiffness of frame.



Tillage Tools


The new and improved Alloway – Seedbetter has all the old features plus lots of new ones. We still have the small tines on harrow frame but they have replaceable points to keep parts cost down. The rolling baskets have hydraulic down pressure and improved fiber bushings and hardened sleeves. Large transport tires and safety lights are standard equipment.

Standard Equipment Advantages

  • 2-3/16 tine spacing
  • Hydraulic down pressure on baskets
  • 11" Danish harrow tine with replaceable point
  • Tool bar sets tine depth hydraulically
  • Tines tip up for transport and trash removal
  • Original Alloway crumbler baskets
  • Easy field transport; folds up and back
  • No wheel tracks