• HS tedder



    • The H&S 7' and 8' tedders handles the hay gently, leaf loss is almost completely eliminated and there is no roping or gathering of stones. The savings of the protein rich alfalfa and clover leaves and blossoms makes for a more nutrient-rich hay.
    • H&S Tedders use a three V-belt drive to the pickup reel. This V-belt drive absorbs shocks and prevents damage should tines strike an obstruction.
    • The design and operation of the H&S Tedder has the advantage over the rotary-type Tedder of not beating the leaves off alfalfa and clover.
    • A screw type link allows for handy and easy height adjustment. Cut hay that has been rained on can be tedded to speed up drying and avoid spoiled hay.
    • The angle of the rubber mounted teeth can be changed easily just by moving the handy lever to adjust the cam. Tedding will allow air to move through your hay for much faster drying, assuring uniform curing and higher quality hay.