CrustBuster Farm Implements

Drills, planters, seed tenders, conveyors, dry fertilizer, bulk grain, material handling and cotton equipment.

No-Till Drills from CrustBuster / Speed King Inc. have the ability to drill many different varieties and sizes of seed into all types of planting conditions ranging from heavy residue no-tillage, minimum tillage and conventional tillage fields. The All Plant No-Till Drill models are box drills that range from single section ten feet width up to three section fifty feet width and can be folded down to narrow road width for transport from field to field. All Plant box Drills are equipped with the all seed Wobble Slot for precise seed singulation and are adjustable for different seed sizes. The Central Fill Wobble Slot No-Till Drill is both a central fill and a box drill that can plant large acreages from the large 200-bushel capacity hopper or smaller acreages using the seed boxes. All Plant No-Till Air Seeders are available in 40' and 45' and equipped with a 350-bushel pressurized central fill tank mounted on a four-wheel steer cart. Larger acreages can be drilled in less time with the 60' Central Fill No-Till Drill. This air drill has a frame mounted 200-bushel single compartment pressurized central fill tank for quick refilling. The 60' width folds down to 12' road width. All of these No-Till drills are equipped with the proven Parallel Linkage Opener that maintains constant down pressure throughout its operating range.

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