NG+ Meter


1. Meter Cover / Fill Side
1a. Viewing Window
1b. Seed Clean-out

2. Singulator
3. Seed Disc
4. Agitator

5. Teflon Wear Gasket
6. Hold Down Plate

7. Meter Housing / Drive Side with Adjustment Lever & Vacuum



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    Cover (Exterior)

    Cast aluminum cover provides accuracy without variation due to temperature. Easily removable for access to seed discs.

  • ngwebimagescover
    Cover (Interior)

    The spring loaded brass ejector block, shown mounted in the Meter Cover, directs seed release at the same consistent angle for consistent spacing.

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    Control Window

    A large transparent window aids in fine tuning of the meter for accurate singulation.

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    The brass singulator eliminates doubles. A spring on the cover maintains positive contact against the disc for optimal singulation, even with small seeds.

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    Seed Discs

    The 1.5 mm thick flat stainless steel discs with mounted brass agitators make a rigid durable meter. Changing is quick and done without tools.

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    Teflon Wear Gasket

    The replacement teflon wear gasket maintains a smooth contact surface and seal between
    back of seed plate and vacuum side of the meter.

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    Meter Cover / Drive Side with Adjustment Lever & Vacuum



Easy Meter Adjustment

Singulator Adjustment Lever controls both vacuum and singulator:


  • easymeter6
    Meter exterior showing adjustment lever.
  • easymeter5
    Meter interior showing seed singulator.
  • easymeter4
    Raise to avoid skips vacuum at full.
  • easymeter2
    Lower to eliminate doubles and vacuum reduces.
  • easymeter3
    Also moves singulator higher for larger seeds.
  • easymeter1
    Also moves singulator lower for smaller seeds.