NG Plus 4 (row crops)

NG Plus 4 Series

Monosem designed the NG Plus 4 row unit with the ability to customize it to fit your farming operation straight from the factory rather than adapting your farm operation to the equipment.

The NG Plus 4 row unit brings you the four critical components you expect out of a precision row unit:

  1. Accurate seed singulation,
  2. Accurate seed spacing,
  3. Consistent depth control,
  4. Good seed to soil contact for germination.

NG Plus 4 row unit was not only designed to meet this criteria but exceed your expectations.

The heart of the row unit is the Meter. Which is why the meter box is made out of cast aluminum and uses stainless steel seed disc. The only piece of plastic in the meter is a Teflon wear gasket the seed disc rotates on.

These high quality components ensure a durable, accurate, and consistence meter that versatile enough to plant small seed like turnips or carrots up to seed as big as peanuts or edible beans with minimal adjustments to the meter.

The NG Plus 4 row unit offers multiple different linkages with a range of down force systems (springs, Monoshox, to Monoshox Air) to match your field conditions.

There is a wide variety of closing wheel systems from rubber V-press closing wheel system to disc closing with a flat press wheel to seal the seed trench.

In today’s agriculture market every seed planted counts, which is why NG Plus 4 row should be your choice when it comes to the Most Important Pass.