NC Shoe-Type Planter

The NC shoe-type planter is a uniquely simple design with the precision of the patented Monosem vacuum metering system, which provides economical, trouble-free planting with low maintenance. The NC row unit is designed to fit on a 5×5 toolbar to keep the planter light and capable of being carried by a small hp tractor. The NC planter provides a low drop point allowing for a shorter distance for the seed to travel from the meter to the soil. The single wheel in the back provides the depth control.

nc planter2




1. Parallel Linkage

The heavy-duty parallel linkage with its long travel is mounted on replaceable bushings.


2. Safety Clutch

Each metering unit is equipped with an audible safety clutch system with automatic clutching for optimal protection of the metering system.


3. Down Pressure Spring

Two depth control springs enable the stabilizing of the unit.


4. Shoe

Planting with shoe (maize shoe) with interchangeable tip.


5. Depth Control

The working depth adjustment with crank adjuster and reference index is very simple and precise.


6. Clod Remover

The clod remover, adjustable in height, is delivered as standard equipment on the NC Classic metering units.


7. Hopper

Heavy-duty plastic hopper with a 40-liter capacity as standard.


8. Hiller

The NC units are fitted with hillers between the shoe and the rear wheels as standard equipment for closing the furrow.



Optional Equipment


Double Disc Openers

A double disc can be fitted on to the NC unit in order to improve furrow opening (planting in less well prepared soils).