MS Custom Built Planters

Version A

msplanters a2

The Monosem MS mini seed planter is assembled to your specifications.

The Version A is a popular choice for 8” or wider between row spacing to plant crops such as broccoli, cauliflower, beets, radish, spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, etc.

The Version A can be converted to a dual line Version C with a few adaptations such as split shoes and dual singulator.


Version B

msplanters b1

The Version B is a special narrow single row unit. Narrow depth wheel and press wheels allow between row spacing down to 5.5”.


Version C

msplanters c1
msplanters c

The Version C is a single row with each meter capable of planting 2 seed lines 2-4” apart. A split shoe and dual singulators are standard with this planter.

This model is a popular choice for planting crops such as carrots, onions, etc.


Version D

msplanters d2

The Version D is a row unit with two staggered metering boxes on one carrier unit.

This model was designed for the onion market specifically with staggered rows adjustable from 3- 4.5”.

Each meter has a single or optional twin seed lines to allow for multiple combinations of seed lines.

An optional timing system and disc openers are now available on this model.


Version M

msplanters m

The Version M is a multiple meter row configuration designed for very close seed lines. Seed lines as narrow as 1” apart across the bed top. Perfect for leafy greens, and carrots where high populations and narrow seed line spacing is desired.


msplanters d

Fertilizer options are available with some models either in dry or liquid. It can be equipped with a knife or disc opener.


msplanters a

Larger MS configurations such as this 30’ planter are available on stacking 5×5” or 7×7” toolbars for narrower transport.