MS Meter

ms meter



  1. Control Window
  2. Seed Meter Cover
  3. Seed Ejector
  4. Seed Singulator
  5. Seed Disc
  6. Meter Housing
  7. Secondary Air Cleanout



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Control Window

A large transparent window aids in fine tuning the meter for accurate singulation.

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Seed Discs

The Monosem stainless steel seed disc is the heaviest in the industry (1mm thick) and precision made for accurate seed singulation.

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Seed Meter Cover

The MS metering box cover is cast aluminum: every cover is laser measured to ensure a precise fit. A fiber gasket provides a seal between the disc & cover.

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Meter Housing

The MS metering box has a rigid cast brass housing and sealed bearings making it remarkably durable.

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Seed Ejector

The brass ejector block, shown mounted in the meter cover, directs seed release at the same consistent angle for consistent spacing.

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Secondary Air Cleanout

A must for planting small light seeds such as carrots and lettuce. It helps clean out plugged disc holes by feeding pressurized air to the backside of the disc.

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Seed Singulator

The brass singulator eliminates doubles. A spring on the cover maintains positive contact against the disc for optimal sigulation with small seeds.




Every part of the metering system is precision engineered and then precision manufactured to ensure accurate seed singulation every time you plant.

Unlike a cup or belt metering system for round seed, the flat surface of the Monosem stainless steel seed disc allows even the most irregular seed shape to be suctioned and gently held to the disc.

Seed discs are available from: 18-30, 36-60, 72-90, 120-180 holes; hole sizes from .5- .6- .65- .7- .8- .9- 1- 1.2- 1.5- 1.8- 2- 2.5- mm. Custom seed discs available for twin lines and hill dropping.

Selection Adjustment

ms selection adjustment
The selection adjustment is made using a single lever which is easily accessible on the top of the metering boxes. The quality and the precision of the MS metering boxes enables and identical adjustment on all of the units.



Planting Double Line Crops

The MS metering boxes can plant in single line as well as double lines. For this, the single line shoe is simply replaced by a double line shoe, the disc with one line of holes is replaced by a disc with 2 lines of holes and a 2nd selector is added.

To change from Single-line to Double line,

Double-line Singulator
Double-line Seed Disc

+ One single adjustment for 2 selectors

+ Single line and double line on the same unit

doublelines4 doublelines2