MS (Vegetables)

Monosem MS planters plant both raw, encrusted, and pelleted seeds, reducing seed cost and thinning labor. The MS metering unit has been specially designed for small seed crops. The meter housing is made out of brass and has a cast aluminum cover with an adjustable fiber seal to keep a tight fit. The seed is picked up by vacuum at a low point in the cover allowing the meter to plant even at a very low seed level. A shoe opener creates an extremely low seed drop to maintain proper seed spacing. The front gauge wheel provides consistent seed depth control while the intermediate press wheel and rear press wheel provide proper seed-to-soil contact for optimal emergence. The simplicity of adjustments make planting multiple different crops quick and easy.

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1. Hopper

The MS metering units come standard with 3 liter hopper.  There is an optional 1 liter hopper for narrow rows.

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6. Intermediate Press Wheel with Adjustable Pressure

The MS units are equipped with intermediate press wheels for pressing the seeds down into the bottom of the furrow and also to improve the seed-to-soil contact (except MS version B unit). The down pressure to the wheel can be adjusted.

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2. Parallelogram

The heavy-duty parallel linkage is mounted on interchangeable bushings.  Each row unit has the ability to be lockup for different row patterns.

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7. Hillers

The MS units are equipped with hillers in the standard version for closing the furrow (except on MS B units). These hillers can be individually adjusted in height and are retractable.

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3. Row Unit Drive Sprocket

The MS metering unit head is equipped with a disengage feature.

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8. Rear Press Wheel Unit with Adjustable Pressure

The rear press wheel seals the seed trench and provides seed to soil contact. Different types of wheels (rubber, stainless steel, wire mesh) are available for different soil conditions. The rear wheel down pressure is adjustable.

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4. Front Gauge Wheel

On MS metering units, the depth is controlled with the front wheel.  The knob on top allows for fine tuning of the seed depth. Different types of front gauge wheels are available for different soil types.

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9. Up Pressure

Each unit has adjustable up springs to help take weight off the unit in soft soil conditions.

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5. Shoe

The MS shoe can be removed and be changed to different models. Multiple shoes are available according to desired planting depths and number of lines per unit. (standard, shallow, split line).