Our departments work hard to get your needs met

At M&S Equipment, we understand that finding the right equipment for your farm can be a debilitating task, especially when you want to be sure the equipment you buy meets your farm's unique demands. You can trust us to help you find what you need, whether it's the part of an equipment that needs to be replaced, or your machine is need of servicing, we can deliver to you the services you need. Our staff has years of experience and technical knowledge behind our equipment. Whatever help you need, we can give you a hand!

  • If you need help replacing a part, finding and comparing parts, visit our Parts Department
  • If your machine is in need of servicing, replacing components or doing maintenance, visit our Service Department and meet with an experienced technician.
  • Can't seem to find a certain product or which equipment works best for your farm? Visit our Sales Department for more options.


We also offer financial services! Let us help you get started in purchasing your next equipment, with credit, leasing, lending, and insurance available. We have almost as many ways for you to pay for your purchases as we have items to buy.